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Black Soldier Fly

Problems in composting?

Well, maybe. But we're coming clean (ok, not clean exactly.)

We've told you how we compost and have written extensively about vermicomposting (nice clean worms, nice clean people!). We've even brought you "international composting" from our friend Patrick in Scotland. But we've always considered maggots a failure. Failure?! Disgusting is more the word!

Dueling CompostersOur latest effort at a compost bin failed miserably on our first go. Too much rain generated garbage that was way too wet. Not enough green or brown additives. What did we get?

Ugh! You got it ...maggots.

(No! We're not doing photos.)

A little internet research lead us to another world. Apparently there are people out there who actually try for maggots in their compost.

OK, lets be clear about this. We're talking about the larvae of Black Soldier Flies. Never having actually heard of Black Soldier Flies until now, we were surprised that there is an entire segment of society out there who cultivate, buy, sell, and use Black Soldier Flies (BSF from here on out) for composting.

Who da thunk?

So here is some factual information about the BSF and with a little digging (sorry) you can stir up some more.

There are even You Tube videos of BSF at work (good taste prohibits our linking to them - sorry I mentioned "taste" on this page).

Sigh...good luck.

Here are some more links:

A Black Soldier Fly Face book page (they've got more "Likes" than we have!

BSF blog (what an appropriate word)

Another BSF blog (who da thought there were two)