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Rosmarinus officinalis

RosemaryRosmarinus is a genus of two species (some say up to twelve, some say only one) of evergreen shrubs found in the Mediterranean and cultivated for its perfume, medicinal and culinary uses. It is a small shrub not much more than four feet, with narrow, needle leaves.

This plant has become popular in recent years. Growers have pruned and shaped this herb into a cone. Trimmed with red bows and a decorative pot it, too, has become a nice centerpiece.

If you do keep this plant inside until spring, it must have direct sun four or five hours. A cool room is best. It may need increased humidity so use a pebble tray with water.

You may fertilize every two weeks - repot one size up when pot bound.

Replanting outside is ideal. It needs alkaline, poor to moderately fertile soil and full sun, four or five hours a day. It is salt tolerant.

Pinch tips regularly to promote bushiness.