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To Buy or To Design a Garden - That Is the Question
By Heather Roberts

To buy or design?Although the garden is considered a beautiful place and a common thing to have these days, it has not existed forever. Let's put puzzles away and say that garden like any house part needs to be built. You might have gotten used to the fact that you buy a house with a backyard or a front garden. But if you want your very own garden then you might need to think about buying one or in other words investing some funds into an "outdoor lounge area". Garden landscaping would be your first point of search when you realize you really need a garden and you can afford it.

Get advice

First, check you social media friends and look if anyone is studying in a gardening school or has worked as a landscape gardener. It is always great to get advice from someone you know and who has a clear view on the subject. Even if you do not find anyone who has an idea about garden landscaping, you need to know you budget limits. Getting a new garden might cost as much as getting the brand-new car or may end up as a bargain purchase. A lot of things will depend on how and what you choose for you future garden.

Gather Information

Do not get too excited by the adverts you come across on TV. They will not promise anything cheap, although everything will look posh and neat. There is certainly big competition among building contractors and landscape designers, who always seem to fight for the customer. Use this information from the adverts to understand the price range in garden landscaping business. When you will be making a step to the garden retail outlet or a private landscape gardener, you would know what to expect to hear from them and will be ready to announce your budget.

Project type

Another major factor to consider while preparing to buy your own garden is the project type. Most of the time, gardens are designed personally for each customer. But you are welcome to have a cloned product, where the landscape bits and style will be taken from a different garden, but plants and furnishings can be adjusted according to your needs and preferences. Of course, the cloned garden would cost you much less than the original one, but all the thoughts and choices depend on you and your funds. Unless you want to build it by yourself.

Build your own

If you have thought enough and still cannot say "yes" to the newly purchased garden for your house, then you should think about making it on your own. In this case you would want a small garden that can be done with the help of the family members. Think big even for a small project - everything needs a masterplan. Once it is ready, divide the space in three areas, where there would be flowers and stepping stones in the centre and cosy sunny and shady sitting areas at each of the garden's ends. In order to create the sense of space, put paving through the full width of the garden. When paving your garden, be less symmetric in order to make the walking route more interesting. Do not be shy to add some levels to the space in your new green area by using old railway sleepers. Maybe your guests will not even realize that you build this garden yourself instead of ordering it from a garden landscaping agency.

Author Bio:

Heather Roberts is a freelance guest blogger from London, UK. She has many published articles on various topics such as gardening, landscaping and home maintenance etc. She loves to spend her time with family and friends and she also tries to live an eco-friendly life.