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Bats are Beautiful

With over 950 different kinds of bats in the world, and one common species in North America, surely there is one you can like.

Bats are our best friends. The Big Brown bat of North American may devour up to 6,000 mosquitoes in a single summer night. Now that's a pretty good night's job.

Bats are important to the balance of nature. They rank as humanities most valuable ally. They are helpful to farmers in eating a possible 18 million root-worms each summer.

Bats are very clean animals. They really do not get tangled in peoples hair and do not disturb the back yard birds.

Only one-half of one percent get rabies and only a couple of species drink blood (in Central America).

With the previous information it is understandable why some people are uncomfortable with a colony of bats around. Nevertheless, bats are most comfortable living in dead trees and caves. Attics of homes are not their first choice of residence.

Bat LogoIt is sad to learn that the population of the Big Brown Bat in the U.S. is decreasing each year. This is because the human population is disturbing the bat's viable habitat. This is a major reason why the attics of many homes become a sought after spot.

To correct this situation, people can supply bat houses.

One can provide a bat house, with proper design and enhance a wildlife habitat for their backyard.

Learn how to build a bat house. Most successful ones are long and narrow. They do work.

For more information on the beauty of bats please check out the following sites: