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Double Your Pleasure

What is double digging all about? It is really a necessary technique to improving your soil if you are working with an area that has never been cultivated, or a hardpan, or a stubborn bed that has shown poor performance.

A few days prior to starting mark and soak the area you want to grow in. Remove all the top weeds.

Using a spade, dig in rows of one foot by one foot. Pile the topsoil from that trench into a ground cloth or cart. Save this until the last step.

Next, spread some good compost over the first exposed trench.

Then, dig the second trench by removing the top soil into the first trench.

The third trench is then dug repeating the process. Use compost and put the top soil over trench number two.

Repeat until the last trench is dug.

Top off with the original first trench top soil.

Don't forget to add compost in between the layers as you go.

This will create a new life for that area.