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Euonymus alatus
Burning bush

euonymus alatusEuonymus alatus is a dense, bushy, deciduous shrub with dark green leaves up to three inches long that turn brilliant red in the autumn. It is part of a genus of about 175 species found mostly in Asia.

Grown as a compact, unclipped hedge or an accent plant that will turn bright red in the autumn before it loses its leaves. It grows about three to four feet high.

There is a dwarf version called E. alata 'Compacta'.

The shrub likes full sun or light shade with dry to moist soil. It is drought and wind tolerant.

Only prune in the winter to eliminate dead wood.

Full bush in fall colorsZones 3 to 8. This one is on Cape Cod, zone 7, about a quarter mile from the ocean.

red berries cover bush in the fall