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European Dish Garden

This is very much like creating a planted container, except all the plants remain in their own containers.

They are quick, interchangeable, seasonal, and easy to make. And, they perk up anyone's day.

Step one: Select a shallow saucer about three inches in depth and about 12 - 14 inches in diameter.

Step two: Sprinkle a little charcoal on the bottom. This keeps the soil, water, and materials from getting sour.

Step three: Decide on three to four green foliage plants with the same light and watering requirements. All in about 3 - 4 inch pots. Some trailing, some full.

Step four: Arrange the plants to show contrast.

Step five: Add some blooming plants in four inch pots or fresh cut stems in water vials. Pack with sphagnum moss. Keep moss moist.

Step six: For interest, add natural gravel or a colorful side bow.

European dish gardens are meant to be bright and colorful. They can be kept fresh by merely changing the cut flowers or changing out the blooming pots.

Tip: Prune at the proper time of the year. For spring blooming plants, prune afterwards. For fall bloomers, prune in the spring.