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Hatiora salicornioides

Blooming HatioraThis epiphytic cactus is abundantly branched and can be a hanging plant as well as a potted plant.

Epiphytic cacti originate from tropical United States, South America, and from Africa to Siri Lanka.

There is a lot of aerial roots and freely branching stems. You can see from the confused photo where it gets the name, "Drunkard's Dream".

This one in particular blooms yellow when pot bound or having been put under stress. It acclimates to full sun.

Hatiora salicornioidesThey are happiest in temperatures down to 50 degrees F. They are unlike most plants of cactus characteristics in that they like a humus, acidic, nutritious soil. Keep the soil light.

Good drainage is required, since they easily rot.

They easily root, for sharing. 

Basically, a no-care plant.