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Leucanthemum paludosum
(syn. Melampodium paludosum)
'Medalion Daisy'

MelampodiumThis plant is probably one of the most reliable annual plant materials to be had for front bedding deign.

It grows in mound forms in full sun, poor soil, and is quite drought resistant. What more could one ask in a desirable plant.

Blooming from late spring until frost, in all zones. All Zones!!

As with all plants, good drainage is necessary.

A regular fertilization program and space since it can grow to four feet both high and wide.

Melampodium GardenIts bright daisy, self branching growth habit makes for the best ever annual plant.

Look for varieties such as 'million gold', 'derby', or 'show star'. All very popular and equally great.

'Derby' has a slightly larger flower and is a tad more abundant in flowers and is more compact than 'show star'.