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Salvia leucantha
(SAL- vee-ah)
Mexican Bush Sage

Salvia leucanthaSalvia leucanthaThis is a tropical Central American native. It is grown for its great purple and white flower and long arching spikes. the foliage of gray-green is attractive all year round.

It will grow to about four feed.

Mexican Sage requires full sun. this makes a perfect middle of the border flower.

And, it is great for flower arranging.

Perfect for zones 8 - 10.

I love my Mexican Sage.


Mexican Sage can be pruned by the end of February or sooner. Trim down to about 6 inches. If new growth appears at the first signs of spring, and there is a warning for some cold nights, just cover . It should be OK. All that is growing now will only put stress on the plant and take away from dormant energies for the new growth.