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As in all aspects of life, color plays an important part in the purchase of plants.  Who decides each year what the "trend" is going to be?

Once a year, color designers, about 1600 of them, meet and discuss what color will lead in the next year or so. It is the Color Marketing Group that sets the lead for the industries concerned with products that are enhanced by color.

This past year CMG predicted the blue palate. It was very popular this year.

Now, for 2001: here are some of the colors they feel will spark the flower and plant industry. Florist and growers tend to be influenced by the CMG in what they should offer to the public.

Latte:  This color is a warm brown. This natural hue will be from bark, reeds, and grains.

Marrakech Red: This is a soft red with the earthiness of natural dyes used in North Africa.

Apricot Ice: A pale version of melon and apricot. It will complement dark purple and burgundy.

Orange Spice: Bright to be sure. Again, an interest in naturally dyed textiles.

Vin Rouge: The color of Chianti.

Glass Block: A very soothing aqua that will have the look and translucence of thick glass inspire this fresh pastel.

Puddy Green: A bright, bold, clean, blue-based green.

Capri Blue: A pastel version of the water in a tropical paradise.

Storm: Deep gray based on minerals that will reflect on blue or green.

How will all these colors transpose into flower power of the rainbow kind? 

I suspect gardeners have been seeing these colors all along. Nice to have a name to them.