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To the Friends of Emily Compost:

EmilyAfter seventeen years of gardening on the internet, we've decided that it's time to compost the web site.

Technology changes have left the site looking outdated and we would rather be gardening than trying to keep up with the latest in design and apps and social media.

We've enjoyed researching and writing about plants and garden issues and have always found your questions and comments stimulating.

For now, we're going to leave the site up, but inactive. Garden information rarely goes out of date, so enjoy.

In the meantime check out my gardening poem about an old garden writer at The Society of Classical Poets.

And, my poem about air travel at Boomer Cafe.

My two other blogs, Wretched Rhymes and Talkin'BoutMy are still active.

Pumpkin Pie Recipe on Boomer CafePumpkin Pie Recipe Poem

Boomer Cafe has had the good taste to publish my Pumpkin Pie Recipe Poem on their site (here).

Also, The Society of Classical Poets has published two of my poems on their site (here). One of them is about Composting.


The Bit in the MIddleThe Bit In The Middle

Patrick Vickery, our gardening friend from the Scottish Highlands has generously written for EmilyCompost since early in this century. He has a new book out, "The Bit in the Middle," available on Amazon. They describe the book as "...charting the chaotic, absurd and often extraordinary aspects of everyday life..."

(more on Patrick or visit his web site or his blog)

photos by Laurie SchwappachFor Sale:

If you would like to purchase the EmilyCompost domain name ( we would consider selling it.

Just the domain name (the name of the web site), not the website itself nor the content.

Email us (directions here). We would use one of the reputable domain marketplaces or PayPal for escrow and transfer functions.