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We love to hear from you. And, we do our best to answer your questions. Usually within a week or ten days (I know, not very responsive, but it is the best we can promise right now.)

E-mail (how to e-mail us)

We have tried a number of ways to cut down on the number of spam e-mail that we get. This is our latest attempt.

If you would like to send us an e-mail, either a question or a submission, please send it to "Emily" then the number "5327" at emilycompost.com. You should type the word Emily and the number as one word - no spaces, no quotes.

Start the subject of the e-mail with the word "question" or with the word "submission".

We hope this is understandable and that it cuts down on the hundreds of spam that we get each day.

(Update) This has actually been working very well. We rarely get spam since we instituted this method. Thanks.