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our health

Jade Plant Casualties
(when the gardener can't garden)

Sailboat Gardening
by Anne Dworetzky

Allergy Free School Yards
by Thomas Leo Ogren

Local Honey and Allergies, Revisited, 2009
by Thomas Leo Ogren

Twenty Tips for Producing Low-Allergy Gardens
by Thomas Leo Ogren

Skin Rashes from Plants

Poison Ivy

Ah-choo !

Herbal Insect Repellent

our plant's health

Who Were the Three Sisters of Life?

Epsom Salts

2003 USDA Hardiness Map


Understanding our Soil

Zones - How Important Are They?



What is Composting?

Compost Bins

Compost Tips and Tea

Black Soldier Fly

marketing, politics and other bad things

Why Latin?

Who Decides What Color?

Sudden Oak Death

Restricting Diazinon

Non-toxic herbicides

Have you been branded yet?

propagation, seeds, and bulbs

10 Easy Steps to Bulb Gardening

Collecting Seeds

Why Bulbs Don't Bloom

Bulbs: to dig or not

Wintertime Propagation of Trees and Shrubs
by Anne Moore


Plants that Clean the Air in the House

Lucky Bamboo

Container Fascination

Container Planting

European Dish Garden

Houseplants for the Future

pests of all kinds

Homemade Insecticidal Soap

What is a weed?


Pests Questions

Slugs and Snails


our shed


Clay Pots


The Pumpkin Scoop

Old Pot


Holiday Plants

How to choose a poinsettia

How to care for a poinsettia

After the Holidays

Deck The Halls (with poison)

who's who in gardening

Pliney The Elder

Joel Roberts Poinsett

Gertrude Jekyll

Frederick Law Olmsted

David Hobson

Thomas Leo Ogren

Patrick Vickery (link to his blog)

Master Gardeners

our yard and garden

Wicked Plants at EmilyCompost

By Heather Roberts:

The Value of Composting

Five Essential Tips
Every Beginner Vegetable Gardener Should Know

How to Teach Children to Garden

Gardening and Using Weeds in Composting

Growing Your Own Organic Garden in Six Easy Steps

How to Start an Herb Garden

Six Tips for Effective Lawn Watering

To Buy or To Design a Garden - That Is the Question

Preparing a Vegetable Garden for Planting in Fall

Beginner's Guide to Flower Gardening

Useful Habits of Successful Gardeners

How to Get the Right Amount of Life Into Your Garden This Summer
by Josh Nicholas

Why Growing a Vegetable Garden is the Healthiest New Years Resolution You Can Make
by a reader

Preparing Your Garden for the Winter Months
by a reader

The Purloined Plantation
by Anne

Double Your Pleasure

Growing Perennials Successfully

Tomatoes: Emily's Top Ten Tips

Summer Pruning...Pinch an Inch
by Thomas Leo Ogren

Garden Design: Advice for Plant Junkies
by Anne Moore

Planning Next Year's Garden
 by Jim Kennard,
President, Food For Everyone Foundation

Compost Tea Brewer
by Tad Hussey

Stretching the Gardening Season
by Arzeena Hamir

by Arzeena Hamir

Cyber Gardener
by Donna Roth

Tree Trimming Tips
by Evan Baker

How to Manage Climbing Vines in Your Garden
by Lisa Henfield

Growing Sunflowers
by Mackenzie Kupfer

Types of Mulch
by Mackenzie Kupfer


Growing Hostas in the South?

Insectivorous Plants

Lilacs in the South?

Think Gourds for Halloween

What is taking over the South?

Sixteen things to avoid when landscaping

Building a Water Garden

How to Create a Butterfly Garden

Ferns in Northern Florida

Invasive Ground Covers

Exotics and Invasives in Florida

Ground Covers for Shade


Raised Bed Gardening


Seed Trays

our wildlife

Backyard Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife Gardener
by Cheryl White

Slugs and Snails

Bats are Beautiful

Here Kitty, Kitty


Where have all the Monarch's gone?

Sea Turtles in Florida

The Signature Spider

The Brown-Headed Cowbird

The Tufted Titmouse

The Painted Bunting

Bluebird Houses

Top Ten Ways to Prevent Squirrels
From Eating Your Birdseed