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Tomatoes: Emily's Top Ten Tips

Tomatoes!! Can't wait for those sandwiches. Everyone has their secrets and success stories.

tomato problemsHere are Emily's Top Ten Tips:

  1. Plant varieties that do well in your zone.
  2. Indoor seeds should be started 5 - 6 weeks before the last frost date.
  3. Keep seedlings in sunshine through a clear window, or light growing fixture that can easily be moved upward as the plants grow.
  4. Choose the correct site for planting in your garden and the tomatoes will have a good start. At least six hours of sun is perfect. The site should have good drainage.
  5. When planting, be sure to go deep. The plant will develop good roots along the stem.
  6. Do not plant too early, nothing grows 'til the soil warms up.
  7. You can enhance the process of warming the soil by using raised beds and/or by using clear plastic to catch the sun's rays.
  8. (How scientific this suggestion is I do not know, but) gently brushing the tomato seedlings will keep them compact and sturdy.
  9. When the time comes to support your wonderful growth, use cages and tie with old panty hose. Pinch out suckers and trim some of the blossoms.
  10. Keep an even watering pattern. Not too much and not too little. Rain and saved rainwater is ultimately the best.

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