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talkin'boutmy: my web site that specializes in a different type of compost.

Boomer Cafe: the original place on the Internet that focuses on baby boomers with active, youthful lifestyles and gives all baby boomers a "voice." And, they were intelligent enough to have published one of my poems.


Here is an Indoor Apartment Guardening website that is full of basic information.

Nifty Homestead is a home / gardening site with all sorts of information on gardening, raising chickens, DIY homstead living and lots of other stuff.

ButterflyPages.com - A collection of poems, stories, quotes and pictures all about butterflies.

GoOrganicGardening.com - Tips and resources for growing vibrant, healthy, gardens - naturally.

The Garden Geeks are professional gardeners in the St. Cloud, Minnesota area. They plant, prune, weed, design, purchase and clean.

Mike's Backyard Garden - I created this web page to share with fellow gardeners my efforts and my passion for gardening. As you will see, I have a passion for Lilies and have recently become interested in the Hemerocallis or Daylilies.

Compost Guide - A complete guide to composting for the yard and garden. With additional articles on humus, leaves, hay, worms, and tea.

The Dragonfly Website ( www.dragonflywebsite.com ) - How wonderful. A great discovery into the dragonfly world. If you like taking courses on-line, this may be for you.

www.butterflywebsite.com - Wow. What a beautiful site. With over 600 images this site will keep you busy. If you love those jewels in the sky, you'll love this one.

Dirtdoctor.com (www.dirtdoctor.com) - Who is Howard Garrett? For Texans, he's the one! One will have an opportunity to view seven of his books. Want to know more about organic gardening? Check out this site.

Garden Humor (home.golden.net/~dhobson) -What a funny site.  You will enjoy his daily diary (Soiled Reputations) and can even receive it via e-mail. Receive a certificate of being a crazy gardener and you are off to another world. How did he get rid of his zucchini this year? Why was all the town in a dither about his topiary? Find out. Enjoy.

Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center ( www.npwrc.usgs.gov ) - I love their pages on butterflies.

Plant Delights Nursery Inc. is a mail order nursery specializing in new and rare perennials. Our adjunct facility, Juniper Level Botanic Gardens, is where new plants are trialed and displayed.


Here is a great infographic on pests.

How to Lay Your Own Lawn - Step by Step

Green Roof Construction

Gardenaholic.com - created with the aim of delivering accurate information to gardening fanatics about the latest products and tips on gardening and landscaping advice.