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Growing Hostas in the South?

HostasIt's a tough effort but hostas can be grown successfully in the Southeast.

Hostas need a period of coldness to really perform nicely.

Some of the more reliable that require a shorter cold dormancy are any of the fragrant hostas, like: Royal Standard, Guacomole, Fried Green Tomatoes, So Sweet, Fragrant Bouquet, Honeybells, and H. Plantagiven.

Others that will do well are H. Ventricosa, Underlata, Tardiflora, and Sum and Substance. 

There are small hostas that do well which are: Gold Flash, Kabitar, and Peedee.

I am referring to the Book of Lists by Lois Trigg Chaplin and Monica Moran Brandies as my reference.

The green selections are most vigorous, the yellows, then the blues and lastly the yellow-greens.


Some selections that might work for you are: H. elata, H. Albo-marginata, H. Aureo-marginata, H. lanceolata, H undulata, H August moon, H 'Frances Williams', H. 'Ginko Tiara', H. " Gold standard' H. 'Halcyon Blue' H 'honeybells' H. royal Standard.

A Tallahassee Nursery also recommends H. Wide Brim, H. 'Groundmaster', H. Sum and Substance and H. Patriot

Sometimes you will not see the hosta full size 'til the 3rd year.

Shade in general is good for hostas however there are a few that will require a bit more light.

Tons of organic materials in the soil.

Mulch well. And, do not over-fertilize.