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Sixteen things to avoid when landscaping

  1. Avoid daily watering - it produces shallow roots and great weeds.

  2. Avoid over use of white gravel in landscaping. It is glaring and not natural.

  3. Sharp pointed plants located near doors and traffic areas can hurt!

  4. Deciduous trees planted near the front entrances can be messy and bare in the wintertime.

  5. Don't plant short-bloom seasonal plants in conspicuous places unless you are committed to changing your beds regularly.

  6. Avoid planting perennials in a vegetable garden because you will need to sterilize bare soil to prevent nematode damage.

  7. Don't water the tops of shrubs. This only will spread disease. Occasionally, washing is good to remove dust or salt spray.

  8. Avoid spraying lawns with herbicides in high heat in the summer. This could burn the grass.

  9. Don't plant too close together to make your garden look full. Give plants room for proper growth in the future.

  10. Planting too close to the foundation will create an unsightly mature plant.

  11. Don't plant trees over a sewer line or utility lines. Also, avoid above ground utility lines. Check before any digging and have cable and telephone lines marked.

  12. Avoid planting shrubs near the driveways where they will block driver's view.

  13. Try not to install only one gate in a backyard. Go for three.

  14. When designing a flower bed, don't locate it in the normal path of foot traffic.

  15. Install gutters. Don't let the rain uproot your plants that are under the roof line.

  16. Install water gardens, fish ponds, bird baths, or bird feeders only if your life style can commit to the activity.