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Sedum morganianum
Burro's Tail

Sedum morganianumSedums are a genus of about 400 species of succulent plants found mostly in mountainous areas of the Northern hemisphere. Some are found in arid areas of South America.

In the wild, in Mexico, the Burro's Tail grows along the ground, but as a houseplant it mostly is found hanging or cascading from a hanging basket or other flowing situation.

It has oblong, fleshy, greenish blue leaves about 3/4 inch long, which in someone's overactive imagination look like a burro's tail. The stems can grow to three or four feet and have 100 or more tails of various lengths.

Soil, Water, and Light

The Burro's Tail is easy to grow as long as it has lots of light. Hang it in a bright sunny window and summer it outdoors. The leaves detach easily so hand it where it will not get bumped or wind blown. Water it more than you do most succulents (say, once a week) because the leaves absorb lots of water. But let it dry out completely between watering.


You can propagate the Burro's Tail using leaf cuttings or stem cuttings.

Just take the leaves that fall off (or pull them off) and set them on their side on top of moistened cactus soil and place in bright light. New plantlets will form at the base of each leaf. Repot into a larger pot as they grow.

For stem cuttings, use two to three inch tips of stems and remove the leaves from the bottom inch. Let it dry for a day or two or three and place the inch stem into cactus potting soil. Keep the soil only barely most until established.

Don't try to transplant or repot older, larger plants as the stems become brittle and will fall apart and the leaves fall off easily when disturbed.


Too little light will cause the leaves to fall off. Provide plenty of light.

If the soil is too wet or poorly drained the stems will become soft and rot.

Keep an eye out for mealy bugs and treat immediately with insecticidal soap.

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