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Nepeta faassenii

Catmint N faasseniiCatmint

This is a bushy, clump forming perennial good for edging hot, dry, beds and borders, or planting on top of retaining walls.

N. faassenii forms spreading mounds of aromatic leaves when crushed and numerous flower stems with small, violet-blue flowers throughout the summer. It grows to a height and spread of 18 inches.

Catmint will tolerate sun or partial shade and likes a well-drained alkaline soil.

You can trim catmint severely after flowering to promote bushiness and a second flowering.

Some catmint reseeds itself freely. You can take softwood cuttings in early summer. Divide the clumps in spring or autumn.

Nepeta is a genus of approximately 250 species of perennials and annuals. N faassenii is a hybrid between the Caucasian plant, N. racemosa (aka N. mussinii, or N. mussinii of gardens), and N. nepetella, a species from Europe and North Africa. Sometimes incorrectly known as Nepeta mussinii, this is a very old garden plant. N faassenii originated before 1939 in the Botanic Gardens at Copenhagen, Denmark.

Also in this genus is Catnip (N. cataria)

Zones 3 - 10.

Tip: When transplanting - do not forget to water, but, don't overdo it.