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Compost Tea Brewer
by Tad Hussey

Compost Tea BrewerThe concept of compost tea is quite simple. By taking high-quality, lab-tested compost, putting it into water, aerating it, and adding foods and nutrients for the micro-biology, you are effectively creating the optimum conditions for biological growth. After 12 hours, this highly concentrated solution, filled with billions of beneficial microbes, can then be sprayed directly onto the leaf surface or used as a soil drench.

Our compost tea brewers have been lab tested to have high numbers of beneficial microbiology. Compost tea has been shown to have a multitude of benefits. Here is how it might be beneficial:

  1. Compost tea has been shown to suppress many plant diseases. This means a reduction or potentially the elimination of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.
  2. Our compost tea is 100% natural and made from no animal wastes. It is organic, non-toxic, and cannot be over-applied.
  3. The benefits of compost tea can be seen after only 1 or 2 applications with greener, healthier plants and better-tasting fruits and vegetables.

Here is what separates our brewer from the rest:

  1. We have done extensive testing with Soil Foodweb to determine the most effective ways to get consistently high numbers of beneficial microbes. Compare our numbers with our competitors, and you will see we come out with consistently higher numbers. Without testing, you really have no idea what you are putting in or getting out of your brewer.
  2. We are recommended by Soil Microbiologist Dr. Elaine Ingham, formerly of Soil Foodweb, and Jeff Lowenfels, author of Teeming with Microbes, as an excellent commercial brewer for the home gardener.
  3. We have the only tested 12-hour commercial brewer on the market.
  4. We offer dedicated customer service to make sure that each and every customer can have a successful experience brewing compost tea.

Tad Hussey
Keep It Simple, Inc

[at emilycompost we don't endorse this compost tea maker but are merely passing along information that fits in our style of gardening]