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Six Tips for Effective Lawn Watering
By Heather Roberts

Effective Lawn WateringEffectively watering your lawn in the summer months is very important. The grass is in need of water the most when the sun is literally baking the ground. Also you want to conserve as much water as possible, since it is a precious resource that shouldn't be wasted.

In order to be effective at keeping your grass moist and fresh at all times, you need to consider few things. Doing so will ensure that the lawn in front of your house is green and lush. This is often viewed as proud home ownership. Besides, who doesn't like to have a beautiful looking lawn that they take pride in? Here is what you need to do to ensure this:

Know When to Water

Know when your lawn needs to be watered - lessons learned in gardening and watering plants in the garden do not necessarily apply here as well. Knowing when your lawn needs water is one of the most important signs you have to be aware of. Know this: overwatering can be devastating for your lawn, as it can lead to disease and fungus problems. Since there are many factors to determine how often you should water, the best way to be sure is to keep an eye on the grass. If it is in need of water, there will be a blue-gray tint and the leaves will begin to wilt. One more method is to see whether the grass bounces back quickly enough after you step on it.

Deep Watering

Deep watering is preferable over frequent shallow watering - best lawn care practices involve enabling your grass to grow deep roots system. If you are too frequent at watering, this will not happen, as the roots will grow shallow. If you water enough when the grass really needs it, the roots will grow deeper and they will be less susceptible to drought.

Water Early

Water early in the morning or later in the evening - if the temperatures are too high, large part of the water will evaporate and never reach the roots. This is why it is so important to pick your watering times carefully. Expert gardeners from London Gardening Services Ltd agree that early mornings and evenings are the best time at which you should water your lawn. This reduces the risk of heat scald.

Aim Your Sprinklers

Aim your sprinklers carefully - it is surprising how often people pay no attention to what direction their sprinklers are aimed at. Watering the street or sidewalk is no good. Save a lot of water by adjusting your sprinklers properly so that no water ends up on your patio, driveway and sidewalk.

Rainy Days

Take advantage of rainy days - watering on a rainy day is a complete waste. For this reason you should conserve water and never turn on your sprinklers on rainy days. Check the forecast and see if rain is expected soon. What you can do is moisten the soil on your lawn so that it absorbs the rainwater more easily. Collect rainwater in a barrel for later use.

Check for Problems

Check for problem areas - these are the areas of your lawn that need more water. When you see these spots need some attention, you shouldn't water the entire lawn, as that would be unnecessary. Simply water the areas by hand.

Effective lawn care means paying attention to your watering frequency and how efficient you are. Follow these tips to assure that your lawn is fresh and that it receives adequate amount of water.

Author Bio:

Heather Roberts is a freelance guest blogger from London, UK. She has many published articles on various topics such as gardening, landscaping and home maintenance etc. She loves to spend her time with family and friends and she also tries to live an eco-friendly life.