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Oxalis 'Triangularis' regnellii
Purple Shamrock

Purple Shamrock

Looking like a large purple shamrock (hence the name) this unique plant will dazzle you with it beautiful pink and white flowers.

Despite its fragile look this is a sturdy plant and fast grower. Not only does it look spindly, it tends to droop in the evening and nighttime, making you think that you have harmed it in some way.

With clover-like foliage, some of the members of this genus of about 500 species will actually fold all the way up at night. This one is a cultivar of a family that is widely spread in South America and Africa.

Purple ShamrockMany of the plants of the oxalis genus are such fast growers and so invasive that they are considered weeds. Surely not this one!

Purple Shamrock grows from small bulbs and can be easily transplanted, multiplying quickly in its new home. This makes it a perfect pass-along houseplant.

Indoors, grow this plant in good potting soil in indirect good lighting. Although we have read that the plant likes full sun, we have found that direct light does the plant in.

It likes to be watered well (in well drained soil) and then dried (but not parched).

Purple Shamrock flowerOutdoors it is said to be hardy in zones 6 - 10.