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Ipomoea imperati
Beach Morning Glory

Beach Morning GloryOh what a beautiful flower, growing on the coastal dunes and beaches. It continues to bloom in the spring, summer, and fall. It is very drought resistant. And it requires nothing but the sand it is growing on.

The stems are smooth and readily root at each node making it trail in all directions, spreading quickly.

Is this a weed or a wildflower?? The name says it all. A colorful and fragrant morning flower, the Latin name derives from the Greek for "wormlike". The vines can wreck havoc on crops.

The morning glory family is Covolvulaceae and the plants are either Convolvulus or Ipomoea. Most are considered weeds or wildflowers, but some are cultivated, such as the Sweet Potato Vine. Most have a colorful funnel-shaped flower and are found in fields, disturbed areas, along roadsides, or at the beach.

Beach Morning Glory photo by Ed UtzMost are vines which either climb or run along the ground. The Railroad Vine (Ipomoea pes-caprae) is also found along the beach in the Southeast and west to Texas. Common Morning Glory (I.purpurea) is found in fields throughout the US. The Ivyleaf Morning Glory (I. hederacea), found all over, has leaves similar to English Ivy.

All will grow in any soil, require full sun, and are drought resistant.

Enjoy all season long.



Morning Glory photo by Ed Utz

morning glory photo by Ed Utz

morning glory photo by Ed Utz