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Callicarpa americana

Beauty BerryWhat a great fall beauty. These evergreen and deciduous shrubs and trees are from woodland areas in the tropical and subtropical areas of the world. They often do well in microclimates when people try to cultivate them from their native areas.

There are many species. 140 in fact.

A great sight to behold.

The birds love them.

In the summer their white, pink, and purple flowers are on opposite simple leaves.

They like fertile soil in well-drained areas and will do nicely in shade or dappled shade.

Seeds are easy to propagate in the fall or spring. In the spring, softwood cuttings can also be done. Cuttings in the summer may need bottom heat.

Sometimes the plants are hit by camellia scale, black mildew, and leaf scorch or a fungal leaf disease. After all, it likes the dank of the forest.

One of my most favorite beauties of the woods.