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Bidens alba
Common Beggar's Tick or Hairy Beggar's Tick

Common Beggars TickThis three foot wildflower is seen by the side of the road from the North Carolina areas to Florida and west to California. It is also found in the West Indies, Mexico, Asia, Africa, and Europe, and well as Central and South America.

It is an annual weed/wildflower and will bloom year round reproducing by seed.

Its growing pattern is to have erect spreading stems and often will root at the lower nodes. Its leaves have three to nine leaflets. It has a white rayed and yellow disked center flower of one inch. For such a pretty little flower there are barbed fruits at the top that stick to people and animals.

Its habitat is in disturbed areas.

Tip: Large containers can be filled with empty aluminum cans or Styrofoam to save on potting soil and to fill in the area. Even a large rock to help weigh a container down that is too lightweight.