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Bird of Paradise

Bird of ParadiseJust by looking at this beautiful plant's bloom one can tell there is a bird's head in action. Each one of its leaves grow to about 18 inches. Some species of the plant may grow to 30 feet.

It is interesting to note that when they are pot-bound they tend to bloom more profusely. 

In semi-tropical or tropical parts of the United States, where it is grown, it can be propagated by seed. But a plant propagated by seed may take four or five years to flower. When dividing from the pot one must take care not to damage the fleshy roots. Use a loamy potting mixture.

One should always trim dead leaves. Especially so in this plant because scale and mealy bugs are grave possibilities.

Bird of ParadiseBirds of Paradise grow well in well-lit, sunny spots but in the summer avoid bright, hot sun.

As in many plants it prefers good drainage but keep it drier in the winter.

The plant also enjoys high humidity. Apply fertilizer frequently.

They are prone to fungal and bacterial spot, and scale insects.

Tip: Used coffee filters can not only be composted but they make great liners for small pots so the soil won't sieve through. When it comes time to plant, it's easy to pop out.