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Aechmea fasciata
Bromeliad and Aechmea

BromeliadThe bromeliad family consists of more than 2,000 species in more than 50 genus and includes such diverse plants as the pineapple and Spanish moss virtually all originating in South and Central America and the southern states of the USA.

The bromeliad genus are about 50 species and the aechmea accounts for about 200 species. All make good houseplants and are cared for in the same way. The like bright sun, full sun outdoors.

High humidity is desired, perhaps by misting or on a pebble tray indoors, and water must be kept continuously in the cup formed by the leaves.

They grow best in a bromeliad potting mix. Do not let the soil dry out.

Propagation by seed or by dividing the offshoots in spring or early summer.

Tip: A garden mailbox is a great place to store tools. They'll be immediately in the garden.