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Orthosipon stamincus
Cat Whiskers



Brother to Inu

A typical Black and White house cat. Friendly, very friendly. The first born of the litter.

Cries for his sister when she is not around.

We tolerate his confusion at times, but we love him too.

Cat's Whiskers

Cat Whiskers

This is a great perennial for the semi-tropical garden and can be stretched to zone 7 by taking indoors for the colder months.

It propagates easily by stem cuttings. The blooms, in purple or white,  last for approximately three months.

It may wilt during mid-day in the hot days but perks up later. May grow happily in partial shade.

Mulch for the cooler months.

Shrub like growth pattern.



Sister to Neko

A very delicate, soft, gentle cat. The little one of the litter. 

Never misses her brother.

Quite the hunter. The mole chaser of the family.

We love her dearly.