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Eupatorium Capillifolium (Lam.) Small
Dogfennel (Summer Cedar)

DogfennelThis is a perennial weed with a taproot. It can grow 3 - 9 feet with crowded branches near the top. The leaves are divided into several thread-like segments.

It is found frequently on the sides of the road, and in unused pastures.

The leaves are very strong in scent when crushed.

They reproduce readily by seed and will re-grow from the woody base.

It is generally found from New Jersey to Florida and then again west to Texas and Arkansas.

Some gardeners have cultivated it for its airy look in the flower bed. An interesting thought.

In fields, crop rotation and land management will control this weed. It can be eliminated in one season.

Emily: Does dogfennel repel mosquitos?

Dear Emily: Dogfennel is reputed to be a mosquito repellant here in Florida.

A: Maybe that's why God puts so much of it there.