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Tibouchina urvilleana
Glory Bush

Tibouchina urvilleanaThis is a great semi-evergreen shrub that can grow to four feet. The leaves are oblong and will have distinctive lengthwise veins. The foliage will turn golden.

It will enjoy a sunny location and can be on a regular 14-14-14 time released fertilizer program.

The soil must be well drained and a little on the acidic side.

Pruning should be in the late winter. Pinch future tips of the new growth to enhance more flowing later.

tibouchinaThis plant has a beautiful deep purple five petal-ed bloom, (but the variety is called 'Athen Blue') which is saucer-like in appearance. It will bloom summer to late fall.

It is great for zones 9/10, but can be grown as a container plant elsewhere and brought in from killing frosts.

Propagation can easily be done by half-ripe cuttings in the late winter through the summer.

A really unique and rich looking shrub.Tibouchina