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Homemade Seed Tapes

This definitely is a winter day project but you'll be glad you took the time before the rush of spring.

  1. This can be done either with black and white newspaper or heavy duty paper toweling. Cut strips 1 to 2  inches wide.
  2. Mix up a thick paste solution from all purpose flour and a little water.
  3. Space the seeds as you would normally plant in the garden. Check planting guide if in doubt (usually on the back of the seed packet.)
  4. Glue the seeds to the paper with the paste.
  5. Let dry.
  6. Roll up and label.
  7. Store in a container, or zip lock bag with a little salt or dry powdered milk. This will keep the packet dry.

Roll out your garden in the Spring:

Prepare your soil, roll out the prepared seeds on the paper, covering them accordingly with soil.