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Strobilanthes Dyerianus
Persian Shield

StrobilanthesWhat a spice of life in the garden. This plant has been around forever and ever. Every so often, nurserymen make it popular.

This is actually a soft-stemmed shrub. Beautifully flushed purple with an iridescent silver overlay.

They do have insignificant pale blue flowers but it is generally grown for its foliage.

The plant is from Burma. It does not winter over in northern zones.

It will grow five feet high and three feet wide. In some cases it is grown as a ground cover.

Persian Shield will grow in good morning sun and partial shade the rest of the time.


Persian Shields are easy perennials to propagate. Take a cutting (in the morning) just above the node in the plant stem. Strip about two sections of leaves off. Dip in a rooting hormone (if you happen to have), and stick in a mixture of perlite or vermiculite or a potting soil and keep moist. Not wet, but just check it every couple of days. In about two weeks, tug on the cutting to see if there is a resistance, this means there are roots that are growing and spreading out. In about a month you will have a plant on its own. Plant like you do your regular Persian shield. Either in the landscaping -flower bed or in a container.


These plants will not winter over in zones lower than 8 unless there is a good micro climate. You may bring inside and grow as a houseplant until the next summer season.