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Philodendron bipinnatifidum
(syn: P. selloum)

Photo by Gina Johnson, of FloridaThis is one of an interesting and well known plant group. There are about 500 species in the group and the leaf shapes and sizes vary widely. Since they are native to the tropical jungles of Central and South America they do well in the lower light found indoors. The p. bipinnatifidum has a beautifully unique leaf that will grow huge given the proper care.

This is plant can be used as a design piece indoors or out. It is not a climber, it grows from a central stem and its leaves can grow to 20 inches. This plant has been called tree philodendron or the fingerleaf philodendron.

photo by Gina Johnson of FloridaIndoors it needs filtered bright light to dim light. In the summer, water freely and apply a balanced fertilizer monthly. You could mist it regularly, too. Water sparingly in winter although do not let it dry out.

As with all of our indoor, potted plants, we summer them outside when the temperature gets above 50 degrees. In the ground, outdoors, we have seen them in zone 9. They grow well, year round even if the temperature gets to freezing for a few nights in the winter.

Propagation by air layering or by cuttings


In her book, "Wicked Plants," Amy Stewart says, "Poison control centers in the United States got over sixteen hundred calls in 2006 related to philodendron poisoning."