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Ficus elastica 'Decors'
Rubber plant

Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica 'Decors')One of the earliest houseplants to reach England in the 18th century from Malaysia, this is an excellent large leaved plant for indoors.

It is variously called India Rubber Plant, India Rubber Fig, or Rubber Tree. If you cut off a leaf the make sure that the thick, white, milky sap does not get on your floor, rug, or your skin. It will irritate the skin.

This plant takes a normal potting soil mixture and moist soil, summer and winter.

Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica 'Decors')The leaves are large, and beautiful with dark red underveining. You should mist the leaves regularly and wipe them to keep them free of dust.

Rubber plants grow well in bright light, but not full sun which will scorch the leaves.

Propagate by stem cuttings, or semi-ripe cuttings, or by air layering in the spring or late summer.