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Schefflera actinophylla
Schefflera or Umbrella Tree

Schefflera actinophyllaThis large tree was formerly known as Brassaia actinophylla and is also commonly known by the names Australian Ivy Palm, Octopus tree, and Queensland Umbrella Tree. Its natural habitat is North and Northeast Australia and Southern New Guinea.

If you need to furnish a room with a plant, this is the one.

The large leaves are 4-12 inches long and divided into 7-16 ovate leaflets. It will grow to 40 feet.

As a houseplant it needs normal potting soil and should be dry between watering. It does not like excessive dryness nor wetness. During the growing season apply a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly.

Outdoors partial to deep shade. Indoors bright to indirect light. (This one comes in in the winter!)

Propagation is by semi-ripe cuttings in summer or you can air layer in spring.

7-16 ovate leaflets


Shefflera arboricolaWe also have a Shefflera arboricola which is more of a normal shrub size.