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Sesbania punicea
Spanish Gold
(Sesbania also known as Daubenlonia)

Spanish GoldThese are very short-lived, evergreen perennials, shrubs, or small trees. They usually are found growing along stream banks in very moist soil in tropical and subtropical regions.

On Amelia Island, Florida one can find 'Spanish Gold' along 14th Street and around the sidewalks by the airport. If they are cultivated, the pea-like bright and showy orange bloom drops in clusters.

First signs of bloom are in early May and it may bloom on and off until October.

One can propagate this plant by seed in the springtime and by semi-ripe cuttings in the late summer.

Spanish GoldThis plant generally grows in zones 9 - 10, but can be cultivated under glass (greenhouses) in full sun. It can be grown in a regular potting mixture.

For Northern Florida, one can use it as a shrub border or against a sunny wall.

What a delight to see the first colors of spring.