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Stapelia Noblis
Hairy Giant Starfish Flower
Carrion Flower

Starfish FlowerCertainly a curiosity bloom. Stinky. Whew! Don't get too close.

The blooms can be as big as 18 inches across. It resembles a cactus but is a succulent plant. This is also known as a carrion flower.

It requires good drainage. Best grown in clay pots. Cut back on the watering from September until spring. Grown indoors or out. It is happy in humid or dry air.

Starfish FlowerPropagation is done by the cutting of side shoots. Let the "cuttings" seal for one day. Very easy to grow. Blooms occur when pot-bound.

It will grow in full sun, with some mid-day shade.

Do not over water. Needs protection below 50F.

Emily: Do I have to repot in clay pots?

Q: I have three starfish plants and I want to repot them because they are so large now. I got them from my mother-in-law, and I need to know if these need a sand/potting soil mixture, or what. Do I "have" to put them in clay pots?? I have way too many plastic pots and would like to use them if I can.

Starfish FlowerA: Yes you can use plastic pots for the starfish, but be very careful not to over water, since these are succulents they like to be more on the dry side. Plastic tends to keep moisture and wetness in longer. I would use a good potting mixture that is sterile and more on the sand side, or add sand to what you have.

I know everyone is tempted to use just outside "dirt" and once in a while I get lazy and do the same, but this is not sterile and sometimes fungus and bacteria can do your plant in.

I am glad you are enjoying your starfish. I love mine !! And they do grow fast !!

I enjoy the bloom but must admit it is rather stinky.