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Campsis Grandiflora 'Morning calm'
(CAMP-sis grand-i-FLOR-a)
Trumpet Creeper, Trumpet Vine

Campsis GrandifloraThis trumpet vine is a winner.

As with all trumpet creepers they are vigorous, woody, and a deciduous climber. They grow well in any moderately fertile soil - but must be well drained. They do tolerate poor soil. Ideally they love a warm wall in full sun.

Since this vine is vigorous and fast growing, be prepared to provide a strong support for its growth.

Prune in late winter or early spring. One may have to assist the growth and tie the shoots until a mainframe is established.

Hummingbirds love all trumpet vines.

Propagation may be done by seed or root leaf bud cuttings in the spring or semi-ripe cuttings in the summer.

One of the easiest deciduous perennial vines to grow.

Note: all parts are poisonous.

Emily: How do I kill it?

Dear Emily: I have a trumpet vine that is out of control. There are new root systems and it is taking over the yard. I have tried to trim it, cut it back and even kill it. It cannot be controlled. I have trumpet vines coming up 20 feet away from the original plant. Is there anyway to kill or get rid of this plant?

A: (sigh) Why do people write and ask us how to kill a plant?

You could let it take over the yard. It's probably very pretty.

Or, you could move.

Just kidding. Out-of-control plants can take all of the fun out of gardening.

I would have said just keep pruning it and cutting it back. Then, dig up the roots and keep pulling up the root system until you get it all. However, you sound like you have already tried this.

Something like Roundup will kill it (and anything else around) so try to use it sparingly.