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Vinca Major 'Blue Buttons'

Vinca MajorThis is a perennial vine that is used as a wonderful ground cover, in hanging baskets, or as a great container additive. It grows solid green or variegated as shown. Pinching only makes it bushier and each node readily roots along its creeping, lateral path.

Vinca major grows well in full sun or partial shade. The solid variety grows well in partial shade but the variegated will lose its variegation in the shade.

It grows in zones 4 - 10.

I've personally grown it in the icy, snowy winters of New Hampshire and to Zones 8A and 9 where the humidity does have a little effect on it.

Vinca MajorQuite a drought resistant plant material.

The plant may be divided by digging in early spring or mid to late summer. Also, by semi-ripe cuttings.

The bloom in the early spring is a delight, giving its name, 'blue buttons'.

This family has a genus of seven species.

I love it for ground cover, and hanging baskets, and most of all in large summer containers.

It is an almost no-fail plant material.

Emily: We are being taken over by Vinca Major!

Dear Emily: I live in a suburb of Columbia, S.C. and my house and yard is being taken over by vinca major and various kinds of ivy. We are feeling the urge to just yank it all out. I loved the ivy as a ground cover but it is impossible to contain. It grows over whatever it touches. My house is becoming covered, my other plants are being taken over, and it's climbing on every tree. I am sure if I stood in the yard in one spot it would cover me. Help!

A: Yes, Ivy has a way of getting away on the homeowner. I love it so. And it does serve as a very good ground cover. I would trim it to certain areas and enjoy it as a ground cover statement.

Also the vinca major has such a wonderful bloom in the spring. You would miss that.

You might try vinca major in a hanging basket for a change. Even Ivy in a basket is fun outdoors and last a long time into the winter season...if not through it.